A Year Together…

A flower we found on our summer hike

A while back, school registration came…and went. I’m still kind of in shock.

The two oldest children will be staying home with me this year, while the five year old will be heading off to Kindergarten.  And of course, we will have the two littles in tow.

So I’ve been busy trying to plan what we are going to do this year, and trying to simultaneously soak up the last little bit of summer.  Summer hikes, making jam, time with family… there’s just never enough time for everything I think summer should entail.

Check out this dragonfly we found while picking blackberries for jam.
Honestly, how did it come about? Claire, the 8-year-old, has been begging to homeschool since about half way through last school year. I told her she had to finish the year. I figured she would change her mind.  Her friends at school have always been so important to her.

But even the day before registration I asked again, and both Elise and Cyrus still maintained they wanted to stay home.  Rose wanted to go to kindergarten.  I have put in a lot of soul searching and prayer, and I think this is for the best (although I’m dreading the opinions of others, even though I know that doesn’t really matter).

I’m wanting to spend time with them and have adventures while things are still exciting and the world is still magical to them.  Before hormones and friends and attitudes take over.  I figure they can always go back next year.

Elise and a Vulture at the Zoo
Making friends at the zoo.

One thought on “A Year Together…

  1. Great post! Making decisions that you know may impact your kids for a lifetime can’t be easy. My little one is only 15 months but hubby and I planned to homeschool from the day I found out I was pregnant. Our decision hasn’t changed. They’re have been opinions both for and against but, live you said, they don’t really matter.

    I feel like you, I want to savor as many special moments as I can while he’s still innocent. 🙂

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