Konmari Adventures: Papers

Papers.  I’m pretty sure they have reproductive qualities.  Every time I turned around, I kept finding more!  And they don’t take up much space, so there’s not a huge visual impact to dejunking them.  Needless to say, this was my least favorite category so far.  I am itching to get going on the rest.

Konmari’s basic idea is that paper doesn’t spark joy and should pretty much go.  The only papers you should keep are what you are using now and classic keepers like birth certificates and tax records.

The first thing to go was all of our manuals.  I realized I had never needed them once, yet I had faithfully stored and organized about thirty or fourth of them.  I even had one for my bike trailer, my clothes iron, and my griddle!  I figured if I really needed to know, the information was probably online.  Into the recycle they went.

I found that many of the papers I was keeping only had one or two pieces of information I needed, mostly about events.  So I took the time to finally order a new planner.  Once it came, I was able to enter the relevant activities and recycle those papers. Another large stack gone.

On a side note, I got my planner from intheleafytreetops.com.  This is my second year having one of their planners.  So far it is the only planner I have been able to stick with using, so I wanted to give it a thumbs up.  They are also $5 off and free shipping right now, since I waited so embarrassingly long into the year.

Here is my remaining pile.  It includes my planner, my journal, and a small notebook I found to keep my daily to do list.  I probably could have written my to-dos in my calendar, but for me, the notebook sparks joy. (I bought a second one for when I fill the first).

Below that is a 3 ring binder for our currently in use papers.  But after some thought, I’m not sure I will keep it.  My idea was that this would be my “inbox” to deal with new papers, but right now it is just holding a chore chart for the kids that I have yet to use.  Seriously, that’s it!

I probably recycled a total of two or three paper grocery sacks worth of papers.  It may not seem like much of an accomplishment, till you consider that these were papers I had been saving for one reason or another.  Some papers I had been holding on to for 5, 10 and even 25 years! So I feel relieved to finally be able to let go. 

 On a side note, Jeff outdid me again.  He cleared out a whole plastic storage tote of all sorts of papers that he has had since we got married.  I broke out in a rash on my arm when I tried to help gather them up to put in the recycle.  Those papers had been in our garage for a LONG time.  I’m so proud of him for being able to let them go!

I’m hoping that following Kondo’s method of having all the papers in one place will keep them from piling up again.  I’m also really excited to move on!

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