Konmari method: Our Amazing Book Transformation

Okay, I failed yet again to get an accurate before picture. But let me just wow you with the after picture.  This is ALL my books.

For the record, I love books.  I love to read.  So you can imagine what a process this has been.  We started out with 9 large shelves bulging with books.  Two of those shelves were solely mine.

See that box, it’s full of books too. I think there were even books piled on the floor!

Following the advice of Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up,” I piled all the books in one place.  This is just my books and the kids’ books.

 Before this, I had already decided to sell all my homeschool books, since we decided to put the kids into public school once we moved.  My homeschool stuff took up an entire shelf.  So those didn’t make it into the picture.

After asking myself which books “sparked joy” for me, I was left with a modest pile.  I asked my oldest daughter, an avid reader, to come and look through her books.  She chose only one book, one series, and her scriptures to keep.  She felt that since she had already read everything there, she could let it go.  I was impressed.  After that, I boxed everything for the move. 

Our books, boxed and ready to go.
Five shelves were reduced to three full boxes before the move.
 Admittedly, there were still quite a few left, including my husband’s books.  Once we moved, he suggested that maybe we should let go of books we could check out at our new library.  I unpacked the books and went through them again. 

A second go-through.

Knowing that I could go pick up the books at the library gave me the push I needed to let go of the rest. I realized I was holding onto them because I feared not having access to the information they contained, not because they really “sparked joy.” So I was left with two books and my scriptures.  For the kids, I kept our absolute favorite books and bedtime stories.  We plan on going to the library regularly.

I also asked my husband to go through his books.  He had started with three full shelves.  He was graciously willing to part with over half, making it possible to fit everything neatly on the current bookshelf.

After picture- our books put away on the shelf
The final product, our books that “spark joy.” I love it!

The books are currently living in our room to keep them safe from the toddler.  She loves books too, but doesn’t really grasp the concept of being gentle yet.

I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far.  I’m especially grateful for my family being willing to chip in and participate.  It has made an amazing difference.

I’ve moved on, following Kondo’s plan, to working on papers.  I will share when I get it finished up!

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