The New Year!

Ok…  For years I have been the type of person that is practical.  Why put down some resolutions I’m just going to fall on my face at in a few weeks?  I love planning, but New Year’s resolutions just seem doomed to fail.  But this year?  I just feel the burn to do it.  So I thought I’d share, to give myself a little pressure!

First though, I had a different thought.  What makes a year so special?  I make goals all the time.  The fact is, I’m scared to fail, and be the exact same person in the same spot next year.  I thought of myself looking back the same time next year and being exactly the same.  Am I the same as I was last year?  No!  So I don’t think my fears will manifest.

This year…I had a baby.  Number six, all natural water birth again.  We sold our house, and moved.  Because of the move, my kids got into an amazing school.  I made new friends.  I lost some closeness with old friends (sorry guys :<).  I read some books that touched my life.  I experimented with whole food plant based eating.  Because of that, I lost 20 pounds.  I gave into my love of cheese and gained half of it back :P.  I’ve struggled with depression again.  This year has been a whirlwind, and for the most part an amazing success.

My plans for this coming year?  I want to start blogging (Tadah!).  I want to start exercising at the gym, lifting and walking.  I want to eat even healthier, and maybe start packing lunches for the kids.  I want to make more new friends.  I want to turn my new home into a little slice of paradise.  I’d like to read some more books.  All around, I’d like to be a happier, healthier person.

Happy New Years!  I hope you can see me along on making this year amazing.

What are your hopes for the coming year?


2 thoughts on “The New Year!

  1. Have you joined the 2018 Reading Challenge over at Goodreads yet?
    Instead of goals, I’m going to work on habits this year. I haven’t worked out what those will be yet. Still pondering.

    1. I hadn’t seen it yet. I will check it out! I love the idea of habits. I think they are the key to reaching your goals…define what your goal is, then identify what regular habit will create that result. I find it easier to stick with reinforcing a new habit when I know what it is I want to achieve with it long term.

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